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A basic program in python

Do you wanna learn python with some example codes? Then I wanna give you this code This uses very basic things to let you know how to code in python. It takes length and breadth of a rectangle as input and prints it's area and perimeter. That's very basic. You can comment down if you don't understand any of the lines in code. So here's the code:

#Program to find area and perimeter of a rectangle whose parametrs are given by the user
#Let's welcome the user with his name
#First take his name into n variable n = raw_input("Enter your name: ") #Now print welcome along with his name print  "Welcome",n

#Now let's take input form the user l = input("Please enter length: ") b = input("Please enter breadth: ")

#Let's find the area and perimeter and store them in variables a and p respectively a = l * b p = 2*(l+b)
#Now let's print area and perimetr print "Area:", a," cm2" print "Perimeter:", p, " cm"

Reply to most repeated mails

Dear friends,       I got some mail regarding my absence. I was very busy with my work and also My classes have been started. So you'll have to wait a little longer for next project. Anyway I'm happy to say that my new project is currently being polished. So please wait       Thank you

My next plan

Hello friends
       I'm posting this to let you know that I'll not be able post anything very soon. I'm currently working on an encryption algorithm and will share with you next time I come online for posting. 
        I'll see you next time    Goodbye

Chat program in batch

Have you ever wanted to design your own chat program or have you wanted to start with batch file programming with a simple example. Then you are at the right place.
Today I'll show you a simple chat program in batch.  Watch my video on YouTube from here:
View the full documentary on instructables here:
Thank you
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Official announcement

Some days ago I published my Password manager Pmanager 1.1. Later I found out it had some security issues and removed it. And after patching it , I'm giving you a more secure version: Pmanager 1.8 , along with a happy news: I'm going to distribute Pmanager 1.1 with GNU GPL.

You can edit it and redistribute as you like..

You can Download it from here: Pmanager1.1 with GNU GPL

You can Download Pmanager 1.8 From here.
But you are not allowed to edit or redistribute or copy the code

Pmanager 1.8

If you wanna get beta versions of my programs or have any doubts just contact me at:

Tahnk you for your support...