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A basic program in python

Do you wanna learn python with some example codes? Then I wanna give you this code This uses very basic things to let you know how to code in python. It takes length and breadth of a rectangle as input and prints it's area and perimeter. That's very basic. You can comment down if you don't understand any of the lines in code. So here's the code:

#Program to find area and perimeter of a rectangle whose parametrs are given by the user
#Let's welcome the user with his name
#First take his name into n variable n = raw_input("Enter your name: ") #Now print welcome along with his name print  "Welcome",n

#Now let's take input form the user l = input("Please enter length: ") b = input("Please enter breadth: ")

#Let's find the area and perimeter and store them in variables a and p respectively a = l * b p = 2*(l+b)
#Now let's print area and perimetr print "Area:", a," cm2" print "Perimeter:", p, " cm"